Workshop sessions

If you would like to have a mini workshop session to help you to understand how to improve your landscape images, including simple basic techniques, composition, and how to get the best out of your location, contact me and we can work out what you want and when you are available.

Photography Training

If you require a custom one to one training package, I have a five module starter course, with each module designed to take 60-90 mins, but this can be adjusted according to each persons own pace and understanding, this allows each person to learn without any pressure of keeping up with others in a group situation.

Simon Langton School charity football event 2019

For the second time, I covered the Simon Langton School football event in aid of the Dong Chen charity. the event is organised by the sixth form, and an amazing job they do, with 50 matches during the day ending up only 3 mins off the schedule, which for an event covering five full size pitches, and covering the whole day is something that any full time professional organisation would be hard pressed to match. With live music, food stalls, and an information PA keeping everyone aware of exactly what was happening, the organising committee had thought of everything to make the day an stunning success.