Christmas Craft Fairs

This year’s Christmas craft Fairs at The Craft and Countryside Museum at Peene and The Chichester Hall Sandgate will be held on the last two weekends in November, and the first Sunday in December. I will have my best ever set of prints, both framed and in mounts to fit in your own frame, I have always chosen this as my main focus as I feel it gives people both the chance to pick their own frame or to replace an old print, which makes a cost-effective option to recycle, rather than waste a frame that is still in good condition. Overall  I will have just over 100 different prints to pick from. Any of my images can also be produced in different sizes, and on different surfaces according to personal preference.



We are so lucky, we have fantastic coastal locations to photograph, yet there is one factor that is often overlooked and that is the weather. We spend a fortune on equipment, but the element that can have the largest influence on the final result is actually free.

Clouds give texture to the sky as long as they are there are breaks to let the light through, and they also hold back the light, delaying the time before the early morning colour is burnt off. Calm conditions allow the sediment in the sea to settle allowing the sky colour to be reflected in the water giving it a nice colour, and it also gives softer white water along the breaking wave line allowing this to be used as a foreground feature. Wind will determine how fast the clouds move, how far the tide goes out, and how fast the future weather will arrive.

Taking these into account can help you to predict how good the conditions will be on a given trip, and this can increase your chances of catching the conditions ‘just right’.

Keep it Simple 1.

Keep it simple 1.

I strongly feel that when people start to learn how to use their camera, they don’t realise that if they ignore all the fancy gadgets that it has and learn how to use it in its most simple way, they will find that their pictures improve.
The gadgets can produce great results, but it is often ‘hit and miss.

If you have a simple method to always get a good picture, then you have a safe option to go to if the camera does not give you what you want.

Cameras are set to give good average results for the type of image that you select, but this is not always what you either see or want, because the result of each pre-set option is decided by what each company decides will please the most people. If you understand how to set your own camera up, you can control and predict the picture result that your camera will deliver when you press the button.

Keep it Simple 2

  1. Photography is supposed to be the simple process of capturing what you see in front of you, but today we have become obsessed with trying to make it difficult.
  2. Don’t listen to all the adverts that say we need every new gadget and app that can be squeezed into a modern camera, and that if we don’t have them all, we will produce inferior pictures.
  3. Keep it simple, until you know exactly what these add on features can do, don’t use them, put the camera on auto and let it produce very acceptable results without you having to worry about anything.
  4. Spend your time looking, and making sure that what you see on either the back of your camera or through the viewfinder is what you want to capture, move around until you have what you want in your view and then take your shot.
  5. Composition is the most important thing to concentrate on, not worrying about settings or numbers, as you learn more this side will develop naturally, but better composition will make the largest improvement to the results that you can get.
  6. Get in the right place, at the right time, and use your eyes first and your pictures will improve.