Keep it Simple 1.

Keep it simple 1.

I strongly feel that when people start to learn how to use their camera, they don’t realise that if they ignore all the fancy gadgets that it has and learn how to use it in its most simple way, they will find that their pictures improve.
The gadgets can produce great results, but it is often ‘hit and miss.

If you have a simple method to always get a good picture, then you have a safe option to go to if the camera does not give you what you want.

Cameras are set to give good average results for the type of image that you select, but this is not always what you either see or want, because the result of each pre-set option is decided by what each company decides will please the most people. If you understand how to set your own camera up, you can control and predict the picture result that your camera will deliver when you press the button.

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