All of my prints are available to order at a size to fit any need, and can be produced on various types of paper from standard Fuji photo paper up to the finest grade art papers. My usual prints are produced on Fuji Lustre paper and mounted in either 16×12 inch mounts, or 20×16 inch mounts, or un-mounted, especially if they are being posted.

Client: All
Skills: All images produced by myself, lab printed to order
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CC, Sony cameras.


I produce photo books for many of the couples that ask me to photograph their weddings, as well as for specific events, product ranges and personal images.

My photo books are produced either in this country or Germany according to the specific book required for each project. The size and number of pages varies depending on the content, and can be 100% adjusted depending on what is required. Covers also vary from soft to hard, padded or not, and from leather look to pictorial, each is decided on be each individual person.

Client: All
Skills: Beautiful Photos, Colour matching, paper selection, knowledge of production and layout systems.
Tools: Adobe Photoshop suite, Photographic Printing


I often get asked to photograph birthday party, anniversary, retirement, and seasonal events, also prom nights, presentation and award events, so if you require anything, just ask.

Client: All
Skills: Availability, planning, technical knowledge, adaptability.
Tools: As required to complete the task.