We are so lucky, we have fantastic coastal locations to photograph, yet there is one factor that is often overlooked and that is the weather. We spend a fortune on equipment, but the element that can have the largest influence on the final result is actually free.

Clouds give texture to the sky as long as they are there are breaks to let the light through, and they also hold back the light, delaying the time before the early morning colour is burnt off. Calm conditions allow the sediment in the sea to settle allowing the sky colour to be reflected in the water giving it a nice colour, and it also gives softer white water along the breaking wave line allowing this to be used as a foreground feature. Wind will determine how fast the clouds move, how far the tide goes out, and how fast the future weather will arrive.

Taking these into account can help you to predict how good the conditions will be on a given trip, and this can increase your chances of catching the conditions ‘just right’.

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